Recently, I discovered the meditative nature of wildlife photography, which was triggered by a random encounter with a kingfisher in Laufenburg's part of Auenschutzpark Aargau. Scouting for a particular bird, looking for signs of its presence and setting up a hide and being patient has been a pandemic-conform activity. Laufenburg is blessed with two kingfisher areas, one up- and one down-stream of the old town. They are very shy and hard to spot, so quite a few by-passers where surprised to learn that there are kingfishers in this part of the Rhine when asking what I was doing in my collapsible hide. The fleeting nature of encounters with a special bird like the kingfisher has been the driver of the work of Durch artist Hans Waanders and is covered in the excellent book Brilliant Absence by Ross Hair.


Project Date:

October 15, 2020