One of my earliest inspirations for photography was the artwork of the 1994 Walkabouts album “setting the woods on fire”. It features black and white pictures of forest, trees and farms, a curated landscape, in presumably fall conditions, conveying a moody, yet peaceful atmosphere.

Laufenburg ‘en miniature’

Laufenburg is very well suited for so-called fake tilt-shift images, which convey the optical illusion of miniature model landscapes or cities. One needs high(er) vantage points, preferably coupled with an long lens and bright lighting and then some special filters, e.g. in Affinity Photo, to create that effect.


Around Laufenburg, powerlines (or lines of power) are a often a dominating feature of the landscape, disrupting many classical views of the natural beauty within the region. While most may try to avoid them in their compositions, for this series I decided to make them a main subject.


Drones offer unprecedented possibilities in landscape photography, especially in conjunction with low clouds or fog. Most of these images are from the table jura in the Jurapark area close to Laufenburg.