Samyang 85mm F1.4 AF

Introduction & build quality The Samyang 85mm F1.4 AF for Sony E-Mount is a recent addition to the Samyang AF line, which is getting more and more complete, being at 7 AF lenses now and catering many different focal lengths (14, 24, 35, 50 and 85 mm) and shooting scenarios (e.g. 35/1.4 vs. 35/2.8). This is my first AF lens from Samyang, previously I owned the MF only 135mm F2,

Tokina 20mm f2.0 MF (compared to Sony SEL 075UWC)

One of the first lenses I got for the Sony FE System was the 28mm f2.0, which is very sharp stopped down, but still small and light. As 28 mm was a bit narrow for some of my use around Laufenburg, I got as well the wide-angle converter SEL 075-UWC, which converts the 28mm f2 to a 21mm f2.8. This converter was at first glance quite practical, and handling was

Sony 35mm 1.4 ZA

The Sony 35 mm 1.4 ZA is quite a heavy and large lens mainly suited for environmental portraits, as its characteristics are tuned towards that application, as we will find out. Build and handling Like other lenses bearing the “ZA” moniker, this lens was designed together with Zeiss, but build by Sony. It features an all metal construction and weighs in at a whopping 630 g, is 112 mm long