About me

Originating from northern Germany and a physical oceanographer by training, I have stranded on the shores of the Rhine in a lovely part of Switzerland known as Fricktal. I started with photography as a teenager with the help of my father, first on a Rolleicord and then on my first SLR, a Pentax Spotmatic, which I still own today. I learned the basics of film development in our darkroom and had fun pointing the camera at anything I considered interesting. My study years in Kiel and Zürich and were mostly accompanied by simple point and shoots, as the camera had to be an unobtrusive documentary of daily life; that is as well why I never got a DSLR. With the advent of mirrorless technology and the birth of our kids, I re-discovered photography and now use Sony and Fujifilm cameras. I enjoy learning new techniques and try to apply those in my surroundings when the conditions are favorable. This site is intended to highlight some of the results of this process. Leave a comment or write a mail to felix (@) morsdorf.ch if you have any questions about the presented material or the employed techniques.